Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Great Memories

This time of year, early Spring, makes me remember when I was a kid with school winding down and Summer just around the corner.We were packed and ready . We usually left the day after school ended, early June.The excitement as we got closer to the our cottage , driving down a winding road, the closer we got the stronger the salt air would make us dizzy. South Harpswell is island connected to the mainland by
a causeway ( a man made road/bridge). Our family cottage is Victorian with Gingerbread Trim.When the family station wagon finally stopped, we would run in all directions, manic with excitement. We wouldn't calm down for the first  24 hours at least. From the age of 7 - 18  , I spent  every Summer in this special place. swimming, fishing,bike riding, and I even learned to drive on a deserted back road , way before my learners permit. The memories are so rich  and special. Born and bred in DC, this was so different and freeing. The official footwear was the flip flop,  that we would usually need a couple of replacements...lol.
I took this photo of my two sisters and my little brother eating watermelon on the back porch stairs of the cottage, while my Mom looked on. Left to our own devices we would see who could spit the seeds the farthest , messy but fun. Most times we would be in our swimsuits , so we could be hosed off...lol  very earthy ... very different from the proper DC kids below.....Oh how I miss those Summers....

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I'll Pass !!

I can't believe what is coming out of my hometown, Washington DC... no words can express just how embarrassed I am .....so I will just move on past the whole mess...I'm afraid time will drag on...4 years will seem like 40...but, like anything unpleasant, the end is always in sight....so on with real life....Valentines Day and Easter are just around the corner.... Boy, did we look forward to decorating a shoe box with dollies and hearts, so we could receive Valentines on the special day in grade school.... It was a big deal along with the party ...oh ummm...cupcakes and punch...my Dad would always present us with a red Satin heart box filled with chocolates....this was a day filled with sugar and love .....Easter was just as much fun...although not at school, just time off...but home..my mother /Easter Bunny...would go all out , and our baskets would be filled with goodies galore....Boy wouldn't that be nice to have such a treat as an adult....but alas, I would need sugar free candies....sort of kills the high ...lol...Oh well the memories still remind me , that my childhood was truly special......

Monday, December 26, 2016


The song takes me back to all the hours I exercised on my stationary bike . What a great tune to get you in a happy mood to move. I even had the colorful outfits , complete with leg warmers.All in bright turquoise , pinks and purples.Too Cha Cha for words......George Michael was a great entertainer . Other favorite..." Bad Boys" and " Everything She Wants" . We had a video of
Michael's with Wham. I also had a videos of the Pointer Sisters , Billy Ocean , Lionel Richie, and Tina Turner. The House would rock..and my favorite was "Lover Boy" by Billy Ocean.....Oh Baby !!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


   Just hang on, more in a bit.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016




Thursday, November 3, 2016


  Blah, Blah Blah....  Don't these people ever shut up?

More than a bit redundant!  Had you guessing, didn't I?

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Just my take on this election....

It is sad that the first time a woman has a chance to make her mark, and become the President of these  United States, that  this election is overshadowed by the circus act they call the Trump. My great grandmother was a suffragette. She was from a wealthy family, well educated , with every advantage life had to offer.She stood up for the rights of all women, and marched alongside women that did not have all the advantages she did. Ester was a  modern  woman living in an old fashion society. She would have been so proud to see how far women have come, and to see her great- granddaughter vote in this great election  casting her vote for a woman. It's about time. There are millions of great woman that could fill this office. Too  bad this election is a overshadowed by sheer twaddle. What is wrong with us ?  This election is
about competency.. Making gender the issue subverts all that women have achieved over the years. There is
no going backward.  And, yes, we should all be incensed, man and woman alike, by the inherent nasty
tone of this election cycle. We shall persevere.

Monday, October 3, 2016

People .....Squiggee has decided to have a great sale....and is offering our models for sale on ebay......all you have to do is type in Squiggee and up they will come.They are all one of a kind ...unique in every way.
The models have done what they were meant to do, they have been in Needlepoint Now and Needlework Retailer....in articles on covers and in ads.....All our models are in perfect condition, and  we have lots to sell to make room for new models.
A great bargain....the cost of a canvas, fibers, working and finishing...offered at a fraction the price...so check them out.....just a little treat for our Squiggee fans..!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We have lived long enough in Tucson to get use to the amazing terrain.When we moved here in 2011 , we felt like a fish out of water.Nothing in
the surrounding turf struck a familiar cord, after all we moved hear from the farm country in PA. Here the birds like to make their nest in the crock of the large Saguaro  Cactus . It is amazing how the birds navigate the thorns. A special treat is Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly. I will pass. Unfortunately we are Taco Bell People....the Local real Mexican Food is beyond us..so hot an the spices so foreign to our palate ...I'm afraid we are light weights. The heat is another story....hot is an understatement......hot like opening an oven to check on a turkey, it takes your breathe away.. the heat is fierce staring the middle of May  and runs hot till the first part of Sept.. June and July being the worst....the monsoon season starts around the middle of July and can be violent  at times , rain so hard but a welcome time, it marks the weather taking a turn to cooler days in September. This year we have had a constant storms with lightning and thunder , the dogs are not amused.Right now you get little snippets of a breeze and the sun not being so hot at times.....a 97degree day is cool considering most days have been running 105 -115 degrees...quick break out the fur wraps..lol....anyway we start to bitch when  we  have a day that is 55 degrees...freezing ....how funny is that...you are a native !

Monday, August 15, 2016


  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Sometimes life just tosses  you a curve ball.
And, as we age, it takes a little while longer to turn lemons into lemonade.
It's just a fact of life.  That being said, the rumors of my retirement/demise,
are greatly exaggerated.  It is, after all, a private matter.  I have not fallen
off my perch, nor has the cheese slipped off my cracker. Or, as Mr.
Squiggee might say, "Shit Happens".  You know how he is.  He is a bit
more vocal and acerbic than I am, as you may have noticed..
   It's been a while since I sat down to write, so my chops are a bit rusty.
My sense of humor is still intact, although it got a bit frayed for a bit, there.
LOL!  One must persevere and move forward, as they say.! Off to the
drawing table.Got a beer frog to finish painting and send the little
devil on his way. xoxo Gaily
  The whole experience has been rather daunting, luckily Mr. Squiggee
 has been a great cook and caretaker, and most important ..NAG !!
I will try and write more and let people know what is happening.
Gaily ..aka Squiggee

Thursday, March 10, 2016


   Yes, I  do realized that I could have used the term
"Throw Back Thursday", but it's become just as over
 used as that "Keep Calm" phrase. But since Mr.
Squiggee had so much fun with his blog yesterday he
thought he might commandeer Gail's blog for a couple
of days. Miss Gail has a touch of the flu that has been
making the rounds.  So I shall keep the dogs quiet and
just let her sleep.  You know how these things go when
you are congested.  Rough nights sleep.  Anyway,you
will just have to put up with one of my diatribes for
today.  Deal!
   Obviously, if you read my blog yesterday, I am now
persona non gratis in certain circles.An agitator, so to
speak. So, in keeping with tradition, I offer you the

    We have been receiving several of those nonsensical
emails from the folks at the TNNA.  The summer market
show will take place in Washington D.C. on June 11
through June 13th.  Initially I do not read these emails
when they come in.  I wait until I receive about six of
them before I open and read them.  Two of these emails
were about some new and supposedly progressive
scheme called a "webinar". On further investigation I 
discovered that this particular affectation was the
brainchild of a "creative marketing guru".  I kid you
not. Is there some sort of school that you attend
and graduated from that actually certifies this on
your diploma?  I don't know what it is either, but for
$30 a pop you can also be amazed.
   Another one of these emails stated the following
TNNA survey that was recently done online.;
The topic:  "How to Reach Fiber Artists"..  I got a
hot one for these folks.  Maybe you should go back to
printing the yearly directory and sending it out to all
those members that have sent in their dues.  The last
was printed in April or May of 2014.  This one was even
more absurd than the marketing guru. It provided
so semblance of data from the survey.  At the top of
this survey was email newsletters.  I don't know about
you, but we receive somewhere between 80 and 90
emails a day.  Many of them come in as spam or
as a promotional item and, generally speaking, they
get dumped without even bothering to open them up
And I rather doubt that many people in this line
of business have the inclination to open up and
peruse all of this type of email.  There are nine
categories listed in this survey, but not one of these
mentioned involves actually picking up a telephone
and actually making one on one contact with a shop
or an artist.  That would be my first choice.  And
anything that follows would just be the natural
progression of doing business.
   These emails are also the clearest form of double
speak that the PR world in such overwhelming
volume.    Hang on, I have to go check on my patient.

Friday, March 4, 2016

You'll just have to wait for the picture show. with a Sunday update from Mr. Squiggee..

   In the meantime you might want to go take a gander
at Mr.Squiggee's blog.  We shall do the photo show
in the morning.  Hang tight.
 Not to worry, BB!  You'll love it.

And here is your Sunday evening update. 7:30Pm

    Mr. Squiggee has hijacked Gail's blog this evening to
give you  a bit more information on these 19 designs.
The main topic will be in reference to the brick covers
The brick cover in the center of the screen was the original.
It was created  on Dec. 16, 2002.
  The other three images with the painted backgrounds,
in addition to being the same stolen design, are an unauthorized
alteration to a design. When you lease a car, or do one
of those weekend rentals, you are not allowed to modify
it because it , simply speaking, is not yours. If you, as
a customer wish to purchase this design you can take your
canvas home and alter it anyway you choose.However, if
you are leasing this design from Gail, to be reproduced
for sale to a shop, you do not have the right to alter this
design and have it reproduced.  A reproduction is a
reproduction.. Period.
   We have been down this road with another wholesale
distributor that wanted to paint the gingerbread houses on
white mono canvas.  They became terribly indignant when
Gail said "no way".
   Now, to someone other than an artist this might
seem like a bit of a minor quibble, but a lot of time and effort
goes into creating these designs and we all like to protect
the integrity of what we create.  Having someone tamper with
your work product, no matter how insignificant you  think it
sounds, is still tampering.  What  baffles me, of  course, is why
Hyla would alter Gail's  design instead of creating one of
her own designs.  There's always the possibility  that she doesn't
have the creative chops to undertake such an endeavor.  Just
a thought.
   She could always ask one of the other artists she represents .
I'm sure Doris, Sara, or Bonnie can hook her up with a design
or two.  See, Hyla, then you wouldn't have to steal designs.
Especially one that's 14 years old.  The real problem with
that particular train of thought is that these artists  are not
Hyla's employees.  POIAD only reproduces their designs and
sells them to needlepoint shops at the wholesale level. And
that requires a painting service.  We shall get to that
in due course.
   Sorry for the jaggedness of the type.  My blog
is a bit different than Gails.  Deal!