Friday, March 4, 2016

You'll just have to wait for the picture show. with a Sunday update from Mr. Squiggee..

   In the meantime you might want to go take a gander
at Mr.Squiggee's blog.  We shall do the photo show
in the morning.  Hang tight.
 Not to worry, BB!  You'll love it.

And here is your Sunday evening update. 7:30Pm

    Mr. Squiggee has hijacked Gail's blog this evening to
give you  a bit more information on these 19 designs.
The main topic will be in reference to the brick covers
The brick cover in the center of the screen was the original.
It was created  on Dec. 16, 2002.
  The other three images with the painted backgrounds,
in addition to being the same stolen design, are an unauthorized
alteration to a design. When you lease a car, or do one
of those weekend rentals, you are not allowed to modify
it because it , simply speaking, is not yours. If you, as
a customer wish to purchase this design you can take your
canvas home and alter it anyway you choose.However, if
you are leasing this design from Gail, to be reproduced
for sale to a shop, you do not have the right to alter this
design and have it reproduced.  A reproduction is a
reproduction.. Period.
   We have been down this road with another wholesale
distributor that wanted to paint the gingerbread houses on
white mono canvas.  They became terribly indignant when
Gail said "no way".
   Now, to someone other than an artist this might
seem like a bit of a minor quibble, but a lot of time and effort
goes into creating these designs and we all like to protect
the integrity of what we create.  Having someone tamper with
your work product, no matter how insignificant you  think it
sounds, is still tampering.  What  baffles me, of  course, is why
Hyla would alter Gail's  design instead of creating one of
her own designs.  There's always the possibility  that she doesn't
have the creative chops to undertake such an endeavor.  Just
a thought.
   She could always ask one of the other artists she represents .
I'm sure Doris, Sara, or Bonnie can hook her up with a design
or two.  See, Hyla, then you wouldn't have to steal designs.
Especially one that's 14 years old.  The real problem with
that particular train of thought is that these artists  are not
Hyla's employees.  POIAD only reproduces their designs and
sells them to needlepoint shops at the wholesale level. And
that requires a painting service.  We shall get to that
in due course.
   Sorry for the jaggedness of the type.  My blog
is a bit different than Gails.  Deal! 

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