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Saturday, November 28, 2015

An artist's Cake !!!

I  have always been the creator in my family. The above picture is a cake I baked and made a little cat artist with easel for my Uncles birthday. He  was my step-father's youngest brother. He worked for the railroad in an administration capacity , and painted  at his leisure. After WWII he studied painting in Paris, then  returned to the states and finished college. As a child I admired his talent, his paintings were very unusual, filled with great style and emotion .On my 16th birthday Uncle Ralph presented me with a painting of three white horses in a forest of dark greens and an amazing filter of light streaming through the trees. I was truly touched by his talent.We had this strong connection  both being creative and looking at the world differently from others.  He was always interested in my progress of becoming an artist. He and my mother were my own personal fan club.When I started college and my studies at the Corcoran, Uncle Ralph was as excited as I was. Ralph passed on a year ago , but the memories of all talks are still with me.He was a wonderful influence and someone that really listened.He told me once , that becoming an artist full time , was too stressful for him. He seemed to be so pleased when I told my parents this was to be my path. He and I shared something very special , a rare friendship.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

SELFIES........What the F*****K !

As an artist, and a rather creative being, I am observant. However, some things just slip through the cracks.
Maybe it's a result of spending  a lot of time in the studio painting canvases.  I  found the above cartoon/illustration in the New York Times.  Of course there was a commentary that went with it, but posting a professional writers commentary isn't my style.
   The crux of this commentary was about the overuse of the "selfie stick"  At first I thought this was a joke, but upon perusing Amazon.com's website I found that you can actually purchase these things.  I kid you not.     We live in AZ., and in our neighborhood selfies are not a problem.  Nor are they encouraged.  Most of these folks are still having issues with email attachments.
    The larger issue goes something like this.
What kind of person is so enamored with themselves that they would take a picture of themselves to store on their phone.  Is there some need within these folks to, willy nilly, just have some urgent desire to look at themselves.  Oh, by all means, let's preserve this bit of wonderfulness, which is a pix of moi posturing and being, how can I delicately phrase this, just being my wonderful self.
  You catch my drift, of course.The name says it all.  "SELFIE".  It's all about Me, Me, Me!  I am fabulous and having fun in my own little world.  And you missed out!

I seldom take pictures.  I take pictures of my designs and occasionally pictures of the dogs.  Other than that, I am one of those strange birds that would much rather just enjoy life.  I certainly don't need a picture to remind me that I had a good time.  I am just as content to enjoy the view..  Every waking minute of it doesn't need to be recorded for the huddled masses to view after my demise.  Pssst! Do I sound a trifle snarky?
     Oh well, sometimes technology just goes a step too far.  It's usefulness is up for debate.

xoxo Squiggee

Have a Nice Day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The above cartoon I found on Facebook...too funny !! The Thanksgiving experience of cooking and all the rest seems to elude me as I get older. Eating those large meals and all that rich food just doesn't set well these days. Gravy is out...how sad is that...I mean gravy !.....When we were kids, gravy was a treat since my mother only made it for holidays and special occasions.
Frankly , her gravy lacked quality control, sometimes great, sometimes lumpy.  But tasty, and  always a treat.  Now, as an adult, my stomach tells me.. no way!  We eat small meals during the day,  small portions, just like you did when you were kids. If we go out and have an appetizer, then we end up taking the rest of the meal home in little doggie bags.
   When  you cut out your favorite foods, because you can no long digest them, a Holiday that depends on food loses it appeal. But being thankful still wins the day !
So many things change with age. I can't read anything without glasses, and this really gets up my nose. I wear bifocals and after a full day of painting and I lay down to sleep, I swear I feel like I am still wearing my glasses
      On the positive side, my sense of humor seems to remain intact, and my ability to roll with life' s little trials and tribulations  seems to keep me positive and happy. Change can be good or dark.....I like to look at the big picture. I haven't lost my marbles, my husband still thinks I'm hot and I can still work, so no gravy,and other goodies....life is still good and although , the world can be hard and sometimes unfair  , you have to just suck it up  and look on the positive side. Luckily good outweighs the bad in life. The information highway seems to focus on the negative.  People ready to help with bad news by  posting, tweeting and God forbid, taking selfies to be noticed. Some people don't seem to be able to function well in a 
world without being plugged in.   All the hi tech n the is not going to improve the quality of your life. Unplug yourself , take a walk and engage face to face with a living breathing person.
      Take a leaf out of the Turkey chilling....enjoy the right now, tomorrow will take care of itself

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'M BACK !!!!

OK people...I have been hearing from all sorts ...have you retired...died...fallen into a deep coma...or just gotten so old that you forgot how to log in to your blog.....
Glad you asked...none of the above , although age does  it's toll... sometimes I CAN'T REMEMBER WHERE I PUT MY SHOES, OR THE CHARGING CORD TO MY KINDLE...that little cord always seems to be tucked away and safe in a new place. Painting and designing needlepoint seem to be intact.
This last year has been filled with, regrouping and painting non-stop. When we took 
Squiggee and gcHendrix Designs back in house, we really had no idea of what to expect.
We have been so busy.
One big change; we have consolidated the two lines under Squiggee Designs...all the stock numbers for the gch line will stay the same but they are now part of  Squiggee.This was the best move, since the Squiggee name seems to be most recognizable  and face it , people like to say 
Squiggeeeeeeeeeee..lol....Who knew such a silly , funny little name would someday take over...
Mr. Squiggee is ,as always, my right hand man and keeps track of the day to day , talking with all the shops, and without him I would be in a sorry state.
All sorts of wonderful things have come to light this past year, New Shops and older shops with new owners....fun to work with and a joy to paint for. There has been a darker side to
dealing with some shops on a one to one basis without the buffer of a distributor. Somewhere
along the way, rudeness has become fashionable. Well, we have a saying here in Squiggeeland.." Squiggee is Not Home to Mr. Rude". Simply put, If You Can't Behave Like An Adult....find another Company to shop for your canvas needs. I have seen the darker side of the business first hand and 
I won't play !   
When I started in this business in 1972, the needlepoint community consisted of Women that knew how  behave like ladies. It was a very positive business that gave great joy and 
happiness to the stitching community.. The artist had status , and value. I actually looked forward to going to work and making
people happy. This is still what drives me still, which is kind of funny, considering all of the turmoil in this business, particularly the wholesale side of the business, which I entered some 15 years ago. I am, as they say, "old school', where courtesy and politeness matter, and must be preserved.  I take a lot of pride in what I create. Standards must prevail. I never been one of those that followed the crowd.   "what you see, is what you get".  That's as simple and as complicated as it gets".
  We got big plans for Squiggee in 2016, so stay tuned.

P.S- I shall try to get back to blogging .  Obviously I have been missed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

hot pink you say?

Well we are in Tucson, after all...Even though it is December here and cold...cold what a laugh.. light weights...40 degrees?...please!..how about 13 degrees ...that is what we had at this time of year in rural PA....OK, we aren't in PA and we did have frost the other morning here in Tucson...what I call as HELL FREEZING  OVER...lol...considering this Summer it was 116 degrees some days......well you just don't see Christmas Tree lots here...it is so dry that frankly I would think the trees wouldn't last long...If you take a piece of bread out to make toast and get a call, by the time you get back to the bread it feels lightly toasted...the air just sucks the moisture out of everything...Since  Squiggee loves pink , and we do have dogs that will either eat the tree or pee on it..( no kidding our first dog peed on a neighbors fresh  cut tree)...artificial is the way to go...and since I hate putting lights on anything...pre-lit is the way to go...and we are in a small house so one not so wide, but tall, was preferable...The internet is just great place to find the odd.... I found just what we were looking for...and one sale no less... and my absolute favorite...free shipping....so Bob's Your Uncle..surprisingly the ornaments show up much nicer than on  a green tree...and after all..Tucson is the wild west and a HOT PINK TREE just fits....

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Today is a big day here in Squiggeeland...our Black  miniature poodle Omar is Five today....seems just like yesterday when he arrived and carved out a spot in our family...All our dogs are family and make life sweet....individuals, to say the least, with as many quirks as humans...we also help by giving them special names...Omar was named after a character in the HBO David Simon series called  " THE WIRE"...the character was a loveable Robin Hood type character , a Baltimore  street hood that robbed drug dealers and takes care of his peoples.....Omar loves rides....bacon.....he loves/hates any white truck....the big brown UPS truck  .... Mondays are a must when the trash men come...  Sundays.. always are a bummer because we get no mail...he watches and waits for the mailman  everyday.... this marks  the high point of his day.....he loves to catch balls and chicken...and puts the whoop-ass on his little sister...Twinkle, our 1 1/2 year old Chi-weenie ( part Chihuahua and Doxie)...she is a third his size but full of spit and vinegar.. Omar  has taught Twinkle to be a real part of the family...they  chase each other and provide back up for each other when they think varmints are in the area...especially the non-existant ones....it is always a treat to bring a puppy into the mix and see how the older dog responds....they always bond even though you think maybe the puppy will meet an untimely end when first introduced.... ...Omar has a Town and Country Poodle cut with modifications I designed...he is loved at the Groomers , they call him a love bug....his new groomer says he has the most beautiful fur coat she has ever worked with and says he is so handsome..we think so....he hates wearing anything more than his collar, good thing we are in Tucson.....too hot for a dog sweater....he likes cold fresh water in the dog bowl and enjoys a snuggle...he does not shed and always smells sweet even in between grooming's....he is a joy on so many levels....
he has many nicknames....Sweet Boy......O......big O little mar....Mr. Handsome....Dude....and...my husbands  favorite..Big Boy 

so Happy Birthday. ..Omar  !  you are the BEST

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bright and Sunny ...

I am looking at my calender and I calculate 23 days and counting...if it wasn't so early a cocktail might be in order....usually six months here in Squiggeeland will just fly by because we are always  busy...but some things that you are looking forward to seem to take forever no matter what !!!! The advent of October makes me almost giddy .....be still my beating heart..lol.!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014



Sunday, September 14, 2014



Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thirty- Nine Days and Counting....

Wait for it.... Christmas will come Early This Year...October 22, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Night Visitors

In Tucson rain is optional...This monsoon season, that runs from late Summer to early Fall  has been very active....this is our third Summer here and weeks ago we noticed little visitors  on the back bedroom  bathroom window.......we have a little light on the counter we keep on at night so we can find the bathroom  with ease...it's not like the big  city with street lights...it is very dark ....anyway these little Geckos have found this a perfect night feeding ground...snapping a devowing bugs galore...and visably getting bigger....it is facinating to watch their skill and how  fast they are.....our little Chiweenie dog ...Twinkle waits  for them and goes crazy when they appear...she barks and growls and has a great time....Omar our miniature black Poodle  doesn't pay any attention , he is back up for Twinkle but the Geckos hold no interest for him....Mr. Squiggee and myself like watching them....well... we are easily amused...and for an east coaster it is facinating...as long as they are outside....as a child and to this day I am not a reptile person...when we were taken to the National Zoo as children , I would wait on a bench outside the reptile house...
But these little guys are cute , I especially like the little toes.... and !!!! the less bugs on our patio outside the better....

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nibbling Along !

Ever so often  a friend sends a picture that is right up your funny bone alley.....in  this very dismal time when the newspapers and internet are just filled with politics and sad stories ...it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud....these smiley toothy snacks are a hoot...and I dare anyone not to join in with a smile....All our neighbors bake strange little Christmas cookies and I thought maybe a plate of these little treats would get me noticed this year...just maybe...and of coarse since I am an artist , people tend to cut me a lot of slack.....
" my my isn't she unusual ..." they will say..." you know she is an artist"...nuff ' said !!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Welcome to the Family.....

Above we have another very special stocking for the Bride....I have been doing stockings for a couple of years for this family ..this is my third ....... with every stocking we get more and more carried away with the composition and embellishments....but after all stockings should be fun and make you cry, if the subject matter is dear to your heart...Custom stocking are...the Goyard  tote is the girls favorite, and the big joke is that  it was a gift from a former boyfriend....now this groom is very secure !...she is a nurse that loves spinning and wears Christian Labootie red sole shoes , they scuba with her family...met at college and simply adore their two Schnauzers.... the cuff celebrates their wedding in Tuscany CA wine country....sometimes when you get a list of everything that is important to include in the stocking , you just have to let yourself go crazy and have fun...and try to make it as tasteful as possible...but this is a Christmas stocking...so fun is the operative word!!!! This was the mother of the grooms wedding gift to the couple...what a nice way to start your family life with your new daughter-in-law...a real love gift...and of course mother will work it and have it finished ...I get a big kick out of being part of such a great occasion...I inherited this family from  my great friend Judy Harper that died in March 2011. What a character...she wanted to make sure that I carried on the family tradition of custom needlepoint. Hows that for deep background...makes me get all choked-up and that is not easy ...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Working on a new Squiggee/gcHendrix online catalog

When I first started our online catalog I entered pictures of new designs as they were created, and later added an index.....well I am in the process of making the catalog  much easier to access  a particular type of design..like sayings...belts...frogs ..you get the drift....this will take some time because I will also update pictures since some were taken with a much older digital camera...this will also take time because of the vast scope of both lines...someone just can't help herself from designing...lol...Squiggee is a workaholic...
So take a look at our new start...both catalogs will be online till the task is finished.....so be patient....

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Needlepoint Now is Really Cooking...

When I talked to Elizabeth about these Squiggee Gingerbread Cookies I told her I had a wood model cake that Mr. Squiggee had created and I had decorated  to display the Bride and Groom  little cake toppers, she suggested a real cake for
the cover and we decided to use the Uncle Sam and Miss Liberty couple....
Elizabeth the editor and owner of Needlepoint Now has a real nack for creating a great photo to display your needlepoint  model in the best light...These Strawberries almost steal the show they are so juicy.
Thank you again Needlepoint Now for making Squiggee shine.
FYI Squiggee has many such couples