Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We have lived long enough in Tucson to get use to the amazing terrain.When we moved here in 2011 , we felt like a fish out of water.Nothing in
the surrounding turf struck a familiar cord, after all we moved hear from the farm country in PA. Here the birds like to make their nest in the crock of the large Saguaro  Cactus . It is amazing how the birds navigate the thorns. A special treat is Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly. I will pass. Unfortunately we are Taco Bell People....the Local real Mexican Food is beyond hot an the spices so foreign to our palate ...I'm afraid we are light weights. The heat is another is an like opening an oven to check on a turkey, it takes your breathe away.. the heat is fierce staring the middle of May  and runs hot till the first part of Sept.. June and July being the worst....the monsoon season starts around the middle of July and can be violent  at times , rain so hard but a welcome time, it marks the weather taking a turn to cooler days in September. This year we have had a constant storms with lightning and thunder , the dogs are not amused.Right now you get little snippets of a breeze and the sun not being so hot at times.....a 97degree day is cool considering most days have been running 105 -115 degrees...quick break out the fur we start to bitch when  we  have a day that is 55 degrees...freezing funny is are a native !

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