Thursday, February 9, 2017

I'll Pass !!

I can't believe what is coming out of my hometown, Washington DC... no words can express just how embarrassed I am I will just move on past the whole mess...I'm afraid time will drag on...4 years will seem like 40...but, like anything unpleasant, the end is always in on with real life....Valentines Day and Easter are just around the corner.... Boy, did we look forward to decorating a shoe box with dollies and hearts, so we could receive Valentines on the special day in grade school.... It was a big deal along with the party ...oh ummm...cupcakes and Dad would always present us with a red Satin heart box filled with chocolates....this was a day filled with sugar and love .....Easter was just as much fun...although not at school, just time off...but mother /Easter Bunny...would go all out , and our baskets would be filled with goodies galore....Boy wouldn't that be nice to have such a treat as an adult....but alas, I would need sugar free candies....sort of kills the high well the memories still remind me , that my childhood was truly special......

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