Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Great Memories

This time of year, early Spring, makes me remember when I was a kid with school winding down and Summer just around the corner.We were packed and ready . We usually left the day after school ended, early June.The excitement as we got closer to the our cottage , driving down a winding road, the closer we got the stronger the salt air would make us dizzy. South Harpswell is island connected to the mainland by
a causeway ( a man made road/bridge). Our family cottage is Victorian with Gingerbread Trim.When the family station wagon finally stopped, we would run in all directions, manic with excitement. We wouldn't calm down for the first  24 hours at least. From the age of 7 - 18  , I spent  every Summer in this special place. swimming, fishing,bike riding, and I even learned to drive on a deserted back road , way before my learners permit. The memories are so rich  and special. Born and bred in DC, this was so different and freeing. The official footwear was the flip flop,  that we would usually need a couple of replacements...lol.
I took this photo of my two sisters and my little brother eating watermelon on the back porch stairs of the cottage, while my Mom looked on. Left to our own devices we would see who could spit the seeds the farthest , messy but fun. Most times we would be in our swimsuits , so we could be hosed off...lol  very earthy ... very different from the proper DC kids below.....Oh how I miss those Summers....

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