Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Just my take on this election....

It is sad that the first time a woman has a chance to make her mark, and become the President of these  United States, that  this election is overshadowed by the circus act they call the Trump. My great grandmother was a suffragette. She was from a wealthy family, well educated , with every advantage life had to offer.She stood up for the rights of all women, and marched alongside women that did not have all the advantages she did. Ester was a  modern  woman living in an old fashion society. She would have been so proud to see how far women have come, and to see her great- granddaughter vote in this great election  casting her vote for a woman. It's about time. There are millions of great woman that could fill this office. Too  bad this election is a overshadowed by sheer twaddle. What is wrong with us ?  This election is
about competency.. Making gender the issue subverts all that women have achieved over the years. There is
no going backward.  And, yes, we should all be incensed, man and woman alike, by the inherent nasty
tone of this election cycle. We shall persevere.

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